Endless Reports and Regulations Are Our Specialty
Eliminate the endless stack of paper on your desk.If you've had enough with running reports and keeping up with regulations and deadlines then we can help. Our staff members are dedicated to making sure your payroll is in compliance. Plus, we're available via phone, email or fax to ensure you always have the answers you need.
Taxes and Withholding Don't Need to Be Your Headache
We handle all your payroll tax issues. Sunwest provides complete payroll processing services including tax withholding, garnishments, deductions, checks, and incentive compensation. You'll never again worry about making payroll errors.
You'll Never Worry About Year-End Forms and Documents
Is the new year a time you dread? With tax deadlines, W2’s and endless paperwork there's never enough time to get your work done. If your company would benefit from being freed of year end payroll reports, it’s time you let us help.
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Our payroll processing system makes submitting and retrieving your payroll information effortless. Payroll can be complex and cumbersome, involving tax calculations, tax withholdings, cutting checks, and providing adequate information, on demand, to both employers and employees. Sunwest payroll services offer complete payroll processing without introducing any of the complexities and problems which sometimes arise from doing payroll on your own.

Sunwest makes payroll reporting simple, confidential and secure.  Transmit your data either online, by fax, or e-mail. Employers and employees have complete access to their payroll data or personal payroll history 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

When special circumstances arise, you will find that Sunwest’s payroll service is thorough and complete. And don't worry about losing flexibility in your payroll schedule. Our payroll processing offers weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly payroll. The decision is yours.

It just makes sense, outsourcing your payroll to Sunwest is economical and makes the payroll process easier for both you and your employees. Call us today for a confidential analysis of how we can help eliminate the hassle of payroll administration for your business.